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The additional battery has the same capacity as the basic battery inside the body, thus guaranteeing a double range.

If you do not yet know if you will need a second battery, have the second battery prepared for primary production.

Additional battery in the bag

Aditional battery

The battery is inserted into a handsome waterproof bag. There is still room left in the bag for a few small items that you may need along the way (wallet, keys…).

The battery can be removed from the bag and you can use the entire capacity of the bag for a larger load (small drinking bottle, etc.).

To get energy from the additional battery, toggle the switch on the side of the body. A charging connector is located inside the bag.
Connecting cable and toggle button

Attachment of the bag to the pins
The bag is attached to plastic pins and can be easily extended to separate from the body. This allows you to charge the additional battery independently of the continued use of the drive.

Body with pins
Price 499  €.