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Wheelchair Power Attachment

Treat trips without limits. We have a unique solution for your mobility that you will appreciate in everyday life.


Main advantages of HURT-e

  • One universal wheelchair mobility device.
  • Very light construction.
  • Perfectly space saving = small dimensions (in the car trunk, below the bed, ...).
  • Easy removable from the wheelchair by quick attachment.
  • Great power and range.
  • Option to connect a second battery.
  • Turn the wheelchair in place by turning the handlebar by 90 °.
  • Choice of several levels of power.
  • For wheelchairs with both fixed and folding frame.
  • Possibility to purchase with the wheelchair.

Packages on request

Color on request

Color on request
Specify your best color. The best in RAL.

Price 79
Additional battery
The second battery provides a double range and is removable.

Price 499 €

Preparation for the additional battery

Preparation for the additional battery

If you do not yet know if you will need a second battery, have the second battery prepared for primary production. You can buy the battery at any time later and we will send it by mail.

Price 120 €

Left-hand accelerator

Left-hand accelerator

To operate the accelerator lever with the left hand.

Price 119 €

One brake lever

One brake lever
For those who have only one hand, we set the lever controlling both brakes. Right or left side.

Without an extra fee.
Basket for handlebars

The metal basket can be easily removed thanks to the simple CLICK system. 

Easy installation.

We can also send by mail.

See the link for a more detailed description and features. 

Price 39 €

Quadriplegic control

Quadriplegic control

Control the wheelchair drive by tilting the handlebars.

Throttle towards, brake by moving away from yourself.

Special brake locking.

Video in the videos section below.

Price 629 

Hydraulic brake

Hydraulic brake
Hydraulic brake

Use the hydraulic brake by pushing with one finger. A high-quality disc also requires a high brake effect. Lever left or right.

Price 199 €

Multi-purpose bag

The multi-purpose bag has many uses.

Easy installation.

We can also send by mail.

See the link for a more detailed description and features.

Price 35 €


  • 2Wheel size - 10 inches.
  • Motor - 48 V / 500 W.
  • Battery 48 V / 8,8 Ah.
  • Charging time - 6 hours.
  • Maximum range - 30 km.
  • Weight - 12 kg.
  • Maximum speed - up to 40 km/h under various conditions. Basic mode with legal limitation at 25 km/h.
  • Maximum load - depending on wheelchair load.
  • Dimensions - 90/50/30 cm (height of the device / handlebar width / wheel length and handle).
  • Disc brake. Two brake levers on the left and right.
  • Side stand.
  • Speed display, km, battery capacity.
  • Programmable user parameters.

Maximum speed up to

Weight only

Arrival up to




Golden Rehaprotex Award at Rehaprotex 2019 in Brno

Promotional Video - Device Usage

Hill Climb with over 12 % Climb

Quadriplegic control - NEW


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